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TikTok Community Management: Strategy & Social Listening

Discover how to authentically break into TikTok as a powerful content generation and audience engagement platform.

TikTok strategy starts with your community. Understand new user behaviors, and you’ve reached step #1.

TikTok is a powerful, new platform that has brands and their marketers turning heads. It’s no wonder – as the fastest growing social media platform in the world, the ByteDance company offers innovative and creative ways to attract cross generational users who want to change the way they interact online. As a global, highly inclusive, and highly discoverable platform, anyone is welcome on TikTok, meaning your target audience is there, too.

Why choose TikTok with ICUC?

Partner with a team with TikTok-specific strategies

TikTok broke the glass ceiling of traditional social platform formalities, and so each brand’s strategy for TikTok should do the same. In other words, sticking to what has worked for your brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter won’t do the trick. This platform is new, and the audience desires are new, too – choose a strategy partner that will support your brand’s authenticity through change and make an ROI impact at the same time.

Become the TikTok creator your audience looks first

TikTok’s audience is savvy, techy, and mission-driven. And while users are looking for connection, they aren’t afraid to dismiss what is not for them. This means brands need to walk the TikTok walk if they want any chance at creating an impact and forming relationships. Brands who create with ingenuity on TikTok – while staying true to their mission – become a central part of the quickly growing and highly shareable creator world. Join hands with a creator team who keeps your profile in the forefront.

Boost your TikTok account with community management

Brands with social media presence need community management, and TikTok is a community manager’s next best challenge. From user generated content and positive and negative reviews, to brand challenges and social selling – TikTok brings a plethora of community happenings that are waiting for brands to engage upon. Outsource your TikTok community management for optimal results, and real-time responses.

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High-risk TikTok community escalations that mitigated crisis

Countless surprise and delight TikTok campaigns

Across social, over 25,000 items moderated, 14,000 mentions tracked, and 1,000 items escalated per month, on average


TikTok FAQ

A brand’s TikTok community is made up of many factors. First, it’s their following! But that’s just the start. TikTok allows for exponential reach—brands can engage new audiences through categorization, niche topics, hashtags, or CommunityToks, that allow for those already interested to discover your content, as well as high discoverability from newcomers. Content is highly shareable, so your community will also be made up of creators you identify with as a brand. According to TikTok’s audience, the platform is 1.48x more likely than other platforms to help users explore new communities and content.

TikTok has a TikTok for Business section that can help brands take advantage of all of its unique features and analyze performance. Brands can tap into influencer marketing, original content curation, paid advertising, and more.

One of the best ways to boost engagement on TikTok are to stay on top of trending topics, music, hashtags, and user generated content, and curate original content around them. To stay true to your brand and lead your audience conversations, stay highly engaged on the platform with your customers, audience members, and brand connections. This requires being diligent with in-feed responses and escalating any customer services issues. Engagement begets engagement!

TikTok community management is the act of engaging, moderating and monitoring conversations on the platform that are happening in and around your profile, brand, products, and industry vertical. At ICUC, our community engagement specialists stay awake 24/7 to welcome and protect your community; we engage, follow up, share resources, and assure your customers have the information they need to stay connected (including buying what they love from you!). We use a third party platform for social listening, which helps us track mentions, sentiment, and more.

The benefits of TikTok social listening are immense, and play off of your other social strategies. Social listening allows 24/7 listening across the platform—your trained specialist keeps watch on everything that is happening in relation to your brand and customers. We then provide customized reports on mentions, customer sentiment shifts, and user-generated content that, when paired with engagement and social strategy, you can and will directly convert to sales—we see it happen time and time again.

Our pricing model is based on several variables:

  1. What volume of content do you need ICUC to manage?
  2. What kind of response time (SLA) are you looking for?
  3. How many social media channels do you need ICUC to manage?
  4. Are responses scripted or unique based on situations?
  5. Do you need publishing/scheduling services?
  6. What are your goals for TikTok and other channels?

As you can see, it takes a conversation to get through the questions above – fill out the form on this page and we can get started!