Social Media Strategy Services

Improve channel engagement, adopt a new platform, understand an ever-changing landscape, and more, with our social media strategy teams.

With over 20 years of social media strategy under our belt, ICUC’s specialized strategy teams are equipped with technology, methodology, and leadership to get your brand noticed on any platform.

Develop a social media strategy that sticks and scales

  • Trended #1 on Twitter for 4 straight hours on the day
  • Remained in the Top 20 all day long
  • Reached engagement 300% over the industry average

The real win was connecting people’s passion for tea with the brand. The channel fostered new relationships and introduced new possibilities.

Erika Lovegreen
SVP, Marketing Strategy at ICUC

Our strategic process


ICUC partners with your internal team to understand your business

Effective social strategy begins with understanding your business’s goals and objectives, as well as your current audience and target customer. We work alongside business owners and in-house social media managers to understand the core of your business and develop a renewed playbook. The copywriters and community managers working on your account will meet with you to understand the voice of your brand, so that social content can be generated from your unique brand perspective.


Develop an ongoing strategy based on your goals, implementing tactics

After a competitor analysis and social media audit, we produce a unique content plan to meet key performance metrics. Once we have an approved schedule, our team develops content categories and quotas from these categories based on your goals. Our industry-specific research informs strategic decisions on which social media platforms your business should focus on.


Regular reporting, growth re-evaluation, and campaign optimization

We place high value in maintaining and improving your ROI through custom reporting. Using data we collect from public platforms and brand owned channels, our teams provide monthly reports with key indicators of success fit to your industry and business model. Always looking for ways to improve and innovate, you’ll gain actionable insights from our research, gaining momentum the longer we collaborate.