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Case Studies

Case Study

How Shokz Improved Customer Sentiment by Outsourcing Social Media Moderation

RESOURCES > By Founded in 2011, leading bone conduction technology retailer …

Case Study

How Wondrium Rapidly Scaled Content Moderation for a 10,000 Item Engagement Jump with ICUC

Learn how ICUC saved Wondrium up to 70% in traditional staffing costs.

Case Study

Transforming Chili’s Presence on TikTok

Social media brand engagement was always something the Chili’s teams were prepared to handle – until one social platform amassed to countless.

Case Study

How Safelite Autoglass Cut Staffing Costs by 43% with ICUC.Social Community Management

Safelite’s most pressing challenge was finding a trusted partner that could scale digital customer service with their growth.