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Unlock your full potential, foster innovation, and make a real impact in the world of social media. Join us on a journey where your passion meets purpose, your ideas drive change, and your growth is limitless. Become a part of a team that values your unique voice and empowers you to shape the social media of tomorrow.

With 20+ years in business, ICUC is trusted by over 250 global brands.

Meet the Humans Behind Brands.​

Discover what it’s like to work at ICUC. Where authenticity meets opportunity and we celebrate growth together.

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Empowering Connections, Nurturing Communities

Since our inception in 2002, ICUC has been at the forefront of connecting people and communities online. Born remote, we have mastered the art of digital togetherness, crafting unparalleled social media community management and digital customer care experiences.

Our journey is fuelled by the trust of Fortune 500 companies and renowned brands worldwide, but at the heart of our success are the people who make it all happen – our talent. We embrace unique perspectives, encourage creativity, and nurture professional growth. No matter where you are in the world, ICUC offers a home for your talent to flourish, supported by a culture that values your well-being and celebrates your achievements.

Our strength lies in our diversity, working closely with the best people and clients across the globe, ensuring excellence, regardless of location and proving that great work knows no borders.

Who we are

Global careers built on community

We are not just another company. We are a community of individuals united by a shared vision: To remind the world that there are humans behind brands online. Our values are not just words on paper, they are guiding principles that shape every decision we make.
Here, we do not just choose excitement, we create it. We are not just curious, we are explorers in a digital frontier. We do not just care, we nurture. And through trust, we build bridges between brands and the world and turn the digital landscape into a tapestry of real, human connections.
Working at ICUC is not business as usual, it is about making a real impact, leaving a mark, and changing the game. Here, you are not just another employee, you are a valued team member and contributor to our mission. We want you to feel like you belong here and can thrive here.
We are not looking for carbon copies, we are celebrating unique perspectives. Your individuality fuels our collective success. We want you to be YOU. At ICUC, being different is a superpower!
How we act

ICUC is for you if you want to

Make a Difference

Bridge the gap between brands and people online by joining our mission to remind the world there are humans behind brands. Drive meaningful change and unleash your creative potential to craft genuine moments of connection that resonate.

Shape Social

Be at the forefront of social media innovation, from the comfort your remote workspace. Help shape how some of the world’s most amazing and recognizable brands connect with their audiences across the globe.

Grow Personally

Step into an environment of opportunity and unlock your full potential. Get the tools and opportunities to elevate your skills, expand your horizons, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

How we act

Trailblazing social media together

We are bound by a shared mission, to remind the world that there are humans behind brands online. It’s not just a statement, it’s the essence of how we act. Our team collaborates tirelessly to make meaningful contributions that create sustainable value for our company, our clients, and society. We’re not just digital marketers, we’re architects of human connection and progress.

Creativity, curiosity and care​

We are all about Creativity, Curiosity, and Care. These are not just buzzwords, they are the essence of our culture. We champion imaginative thinking, pursue knowledge, and infuse empathy into all we do, on-and-offline.

Celebrating growth, together

Not only do we value individual growth, but we also celebrate collective progress. Our approach is dynamic, our thinking is bold, and our actions drive transformation. Here, community fuels innovation, and we believe that every day is a chance to explore.

Every voice

We are architects of human connection and progress, dedicated to creating a place of belonging. This commitment is not just a moral imperative, but also a responsibility we hold to our clients, our communities, and ourselves.

Find your team, get inspired

No matter where you are in your career journey, your skills and passions have a place at ICUC. We believe in the power of diversity, the strength of creativity, and the value of your unique perspective.

Client Success

The backbone of our commitment to exceptional service. Our Client Success teams act as strategic partners, guiding clients through the complexities of social media management and digital engagement. Our Client Success Managers, Account Supervisors, and Content Specialists are the frontline champions of our clients’ needs and objectives. They build strong relationships, diagnose client challenges, and work collaboratively to deliver tailored solutions that make a real impact. If you are passionate about driving results and fostering strong client partnerships, this is where you belong.

Strategy & Insights

The foundation of our data-driven, decision-making and innovation. Our Strategy and Insights teams provide valuable insights and guide clients through the intricacies of social media strategy. The team is comprised of dedicated professionals who excel in interpreting data, uncovering trends, and crafting innovative strategies to drive out clients’ success. Whether you are an analyst, strategist, or data expert, joining this department means becoming a vital contributor to our clients’ growth and success. If you are passionate about harnessing the power of data to shape digital strategies and make an impact, this is where you belong.

Corporate Functions

The core of our organizational excellence. Our Corporate teams provide crucial business support, enabling us to focus on our core mission of delivering exceptional social media services. They play a vital role in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, effective marketing, and a thriving work environment. From logistics to creative campaigns and talent management, these functions are essential to our overall success and keep ICUC running seamlessly. If you are dedicated to driving efficiency, creativity, and fostering a great workplace culture, this is where you belong.

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