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Outsourcing player support. No nOObs here.

With passionate players seeking real-life connection, you need expert-level gaming moderators to keep communities safe, vibrant, and in line with evolving platform standards. At the end of the day, gamers know gamers. Recruiting the right people for the job is the ICUC difference and why gaming companies choose us to engage on their behalf.

ICUC’s global moderation and management teams fill in the gaps that your team wimple doesn’t have the capacity to fill, keeping hackers, cheaters, and smurfs on the outside, and your community growing, thriving, and safe on the inside. We’re you’re “always-on” player, so you don’t have to be.

young couple having fun with gaming in vr

Ensure a safe environment everyone can enjoy

At ICUC, gaming moderation ensures and maintains integrity by consistently upholding the security and protection of all players. Our “always-on” 24/7 team keeps the smurfs at bay and allows optimal user experience.

Engage in genuinely fun conversations that resonate

For many gamers, real-life, professional and personal friendships form. Moderators and community managers can be the key to driving and engaging new relationships amongst a community of players. You want experts who know and can optimize and generate authentic conversations.

Accelerate community growth and understanding

The best part of gaming is new innovation. With ICUC, our team analyzes and helps your brand understand community conversations to drive what loyal fans truly care about and are seeking.


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