Meta subscription is now officially available to business owners on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, offering a variety of features that could help increase visibility and build trust between brands and their customers. Some of these features can also help brands protect social media accounts from theft, fraud, defamation, and more.

Meta Verified is not just offered to businesses, however. Individual users can pay for the Meta subscription service (Meta Verified) and get an ad-free version of these platforms, which means brands may need to get more creative with their outreach instead of depending heavily on ads. 

Read on to find out exactly what the Meta Subscription can offer your brand and customers.

Introduction to Meta Subscription

The Meta subscription service (Meta Verified) is a paid monthly subscription for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users. At a cost of anywhere from $14.99 to around $500 per month, brands can now access these platforms with benefits including no ads, impersonation protection, and direct account support.

Subscription models

Regular users can either sign up via the web for $11.99, or in the app for $14.99 in the US and most other regions. Prices vary by region, and users will be notified of their local costs during the onboarding process.

Business users have four subscription plans they can choose from which offer varying features depending on the plan. (Keep reading for more details).

Subscription offer

Aside from an ad-free experience, verified account holders also benefit from direct account support to help resolve issues quickly. They also get a verified badge displayed on their profile, access to exclusive features like stickers, and an enhanced profile.

Subscription eligibility

To subscribe, brands are expected to meet basic eligibility requirements. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have full control of a business portfolio in the Meta Business Suite, and be located in a country where Meta Verified is available.

Features of Meta Subscription Plans

Meta Verified helps businesses build trust with new customers by offering features such as a verified badge, impersonation protection, direct customer support, enhanced profiles, and more. The four business plans currently available are:

Business Standard Meta Subscription

The standard Meta subscription plan costs $14.99 per month, and it allows business owners to add one Facebook page, an Instagram account, or a WhatsApp phone number to Meta Verified.

These users also have access to chat and email support when needed.

Business Plus Meta Subscription

Business Plus is offered at $49.99 per month. It includes all the features of the Standard plan, plus easier access to customer support and the ability to add multiple social media profiles to Meta Verified.

Business Premium Meta Subscription

In addition to the Plus benefits, Premium subscribers can request callbacks from customer service agents. They can also add up to five Facebook profiles and five WhatsApp channels to their Verified account.

Business Max Meta Subscription

Business Max subscribers receive active case monitoring for issues reported to customer support. They can add up to eight Facebook profiles and ten WhatsApp channels to their Verified account.

Benefits of Meta Subscription

Meta subscription comes with a few benefits for businesses. These include: 

Better credibility

Business pages get a badge beside their names to indicate that they are verified. This communicates to customers and new followers that the business owners are who they say they are.

The verification process is thorough, requiring business owners to submit photos of their government-issued IDs along with a video selfie to complete the process. Brands with a Verified badge could be seen as more trustworthy after being authenticated through this process.

Increased website traffic

Meta subscription allows businesses to include external links in their Instagram and Facebook reels, which can result in more traffic to their website. Users can include anywhere from two to six links in their Facebook and Instagram reels each month, depending on their subscription plan.

Increased visibility

Meta Verified business users can access search optimization and “featured account” benefits. The featured account benefit allows brands to be specially featured in Feed, while the search optimization benefit helps brands appear near the top of search results for exact matches to search queries.

Both these features could result in increased visibility on the different platforms.

Proactive account protection

The subscription includes proactive impersonation monitoring to protect business accounts. This can help to prevent information theft and reputational damage, among other things.

As Meta gets on board with the subscription-based social media model, there are a few trends that could be on the horizon, depending on how well users respond to the addition.

Additional business subscription benefits

Recent surveys sent to business subscribers indicate that Meta is looking to add more features to their business subscription services. Based on questions from the survey, brand owners can anticipate newer features like original content protection, priority advertising reviews, and branded messages in Instagram threads and other messaging platforms.

Revenue diversification

With Meta offering ad-free, subscription-based versions of Facebook and Instagram, this could lead to more social media businesses adopting similar models, and to diversifying their income streams.

Global social listening

With ad-free versions of social media sites being made readily available to users, businesses will need to be more intentional about getting the attention of those ad-free users–since they will no longer be able to reach them with targeted ads.

This could lead to more brands leveraging social listening services to monitor brand mentions and customer inquiries to better understand their audience.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

The need to be more creative with their content to attract new audiences could lead business owners to explore AR and VR technologies. These technologies can help significantly improve users’ browsing experience by producing more interactive content on social platforms.

Increase Visibility and Reach with ICUC Social

Meta subscription offers brands welcome benefits such as increased visibility and website traffic. However, ad-free versions of social media platforms mean that individuals have more control over who can get into their feeds. 

This means brands need to focus heavily on content quality and using social listening and account management tools to reach their audiences. 

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