Snapchat 2.0 was released this week and it’s by far one of the biggest updates we’ve seen in 2016.

The social network unloaded half a dozen new features to make its app more useful. Two of the biggest updates include the ability to send video calls and audio calls.

“We’re excited to introduce Chat 2.0. You can start by sending a few chats, and when your friend shows up, start talking or video chatting instantly with one tap,” said a statement released on the company’s blog.

“Your friend can simply listen if you want to sing them a song, or watch if you have a new puppy to show them. If they aren’t there, you can quickly send an audio note to say what you mean. And sometimes, a sticker says it best.”

The News Independent explained the Snapchat 2.0 updates best, take a read.

Audio and Video Notes

Users can now send 10 second videos to their friends which will be sent across as GIF like loops. Audio too will be played upon tapping them. Audio Notes too, have been introduced.


The company has now introduced a new way to send photos in chat as users can now select multiple photos at the same time, making this task a lot easier than ever before. Also, while an audio or a video call is going on, a user can select photos from his camera roll and send it across to the person they are on a call with as this photo will show up as a translucent image on top of the on-going call.


Over 200 stickers have now been introduced by Snapchat, and they are now looking forward towards innovating the market trends with this. The company has recently acquired bitstrips for a 100 million dollars, and it is expected that the bitmojis would soon make their way into the Snapchat chats.

Read the rest of the The News Independent article here.

The update is available now on iOS and Android.

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