Facebook users love video – it’s true.

In a September report released by Facebook, it was revealed that the number of video views on Facebook grew by 50% between May 2014 and July 2014 – and this number has only increased To begin 2015, Facebook announced that users around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago (source).

Video is a very big priority. News is a very big priority, because a lot of people want to share that on Facebook already, and enabling public figures, whether they are celebrities or athletes or actors or politicians or leaders in different kind of communities, to get on Facebook and use the platform to distribute the content that they want. So those are the three areas that we’re — that you’ll probably see us investing the most in over the next year or so. And we’re making a lot of progress. I shared some of the stats before, but we’re very proud of what we’re doing, and we will have more to report soon. – Mark Zuckerberg

With an emphasis on video and mobile, Facebook seems to be transforming themselves into a mobile-focused, content-driven network.

The number of videos displaying in news feeds has increased by 360% compared to last year. Where will this be in 2016? Is your brand taking advantage of video and mobile on Facebook?

Image Source: AdAge


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