Twitter has launched a new app called Dashboard that makes it easier than ever for businesses to manage their accounts and overall strategy. The best part of this new Twitter dashboard? It’s targeted to help small and medium businesses, something that is not often done when it comes to large social networks.

But what is the new Twitter Dashboard?

In a nutshell, Twitter designed Dashboard to help encourage business owners, websites, blogs, and content marketers to interact more with their followers. The app is not the first of its kind as Dashboard works similarly to third-party services like Hootsuite or TweetDeck by letting businesses schedule tweets ahead of time and view analytics about tweet performances over time. It promises to make social media management easier and, instead of using third party services like the aforementioned Hootsuite and TweetDeck, Twitter decided to have a crack at it themselves.

What does the new Twitter Dashboard offer?

  1. The new Twitter Dashboard lets you create a custom feed that highlights more than just mentions. It allows you to get right to the Tweets you want to see first and better engage with your community.
  2. A summarized analytical board is now a part of the new Dashboard. This option will show you tweets, media tweets, replies, mentions, new followers, profile visits, tweet impressions, retweets, and views.
  3. Of course, like other third party services, businesses can plan ahead by scheduling (and editing) Tweets directly through Twitter Dashboard.
  4. Dashboard can also notify businesses of Twitter mentions based on keywords so you can know what customers are saying about you even when they don’t directly mention you.
  5. And, one of the most exciting features, Dashboard provides Tweet ideas and suggestions for individual businesses. These are designed to help small businesses schedule Tweet tips related to their business in order help start the conversation and engage their followers. Some tips include “Tweet testimonials are the best! Retweet kind words from your customers.”

With the help of other tools like Twitter Analytics and Twitter Feedback, businesses can determine what works for their brand on the network, while tracking the overall impact of their Twitter strategy and tactics. The network hopes this update will inspire brands to create additional content for followers, with a focus on overall engagement.

The Twitter Dashboard beta is available to all US-based businesses today. Go to or download Dashboard in the App Store.

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