Stop what you’re doing right now. Put down your new iPhone, shut your office door and focus on this next question:

Is LinkedIn part of your marketing strategy?

Often treated as the social media outsider, LinkedIn is a powerful platform utilized by a professional audience with a focus on networking and lead-nurturing – so why wouldn’t it be part of your brand’s approach to content promotion?

For a look into four reasons why you should include LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, read on.

  1. Reach your targeted audience through content promotion.

Building an audience through your company’s LinkedIn page? This targeted group is itching to read content (and employment opportunities) from you. Don’t let your brand’s page carry tumbleweeds.

  1. Create authority through industry-relevant content.

With a targeted content plan, your brand has an opportunity to become an authority in your industry. Targeted content that addresses the needs and wants of your audience can help build your audience and drive traffic to your website.

  1. Awards? New Products? Innovations? Profile them.

Don’t hesitate to profile awards, company events or conferences you attend. Help your brand stand out in the crowd by profiling activity. Help maintain a strong place in your industry by profiling these important accomplishments and events.

  1. Recruiting tool? Absolutely.

With a plethora of talent available, LinkedIn can act as a gold mine of potential employees that will help your brand grow. Promote employment opportunities on LinkedIn regularly.

From targeted promotions to a recruiting tool, LinkedIn can play a powerful part in your marketing strategy.

Are you using this network in your content plan?

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