Working with a new vendor is an exciting time, especially when bringing on a social media management partner. You are starting to work with someone new to improve results and generate ROI. However, a bumpy onboarding can get in the way of a successful partnership and the results you need. 

We are very excited about our opportunity to work with you. Below you’ll find additional information on our onboarding process and our philosophy behind it, as well as additional information on social media management and outsourcing with a partner that understands your company and the industry.

Onboarding Social Media Management Made Easy

Onboarding is about setting you up for success, from the first meeting until we are working diligently together achieving stellar results. Part of setting you up for success is never forgetting your budget and goals. 

We believe onboarding is essential to building a foundation that leads to a successful social media management partnership, one where your social is driving sales and impacting the revenue and growth of your company.

What Sets Our Onboarding Apart

Our onboarding process is built as a seamless process from our first interaction until we are working alongside your team within your social media channels.

Our onboarding philosophy:

  • You deserve expertise and strategic guidance from our first meeting through a signed contract
  • You came to us to make your social work for you, not give you more work

A Dedicated Onboarding Expert

When you start onboarding with us, we set you up with an expert from our operations team that is your single point of contact throughout the entire process. No matter how far we go into the process, what changes we make, or what roadblocks come up, we will be here for you.

No Gaps in Context

You’ll never feel like a fish out of water or join a meeting where our team doesn’t have the context they need. Our teams work alongside each other each and every day, from customer success to marketing and new business. 

Our Onboarding Process

We’ve refined our onboarding process into four main phases:

  • Establish and align around KPIs
  • Introduction to ICUC Central and your 24/7 Client dashboard
    • If you aren’t using ICUC Central for social media management, you’ll still receive your own custom dashboard, but more on that later.
  • Generation of all required workbooks and guidelines

Each step ensures our teams collaborate along the way and provides transparency into our process. We work with you get the context around your brand and company so everything we produce matches the efforts of your internal teams to create a cohesive brand.

Your 24/7 Social Media Dashboard

We provide a comprehensive dashboard that provides you with transparency into your social platforms, the results, and even what is happening in the marketplace. We create this dashboard for you to use, regardless of what social management platform you use. 

What you’ll find on the dashboard:

  • Our latest overall insights
    • Trending news
    • Account growth
    • Competitor information and share of voice
    • Includes weekly human-led insights into your social performance, turning data into action
  • Self-service information at your fingertips
    • Invoices
    • Reports
  • 24/7 live chat with your ICUC team — you can reach us anytime!
  • Analytics and recommendations

Resources as You Need Them, Not After Onboarding

We know that every company we work with is different. You have unique challenges, expertise, and goals. Because of this, we include the necessary team members and experts as soon as required in our onboarding process. We’ll involve our SMEs as early as your first discovery meeting as needed. With us, you don’t have to worry about what you know and don’t know about social media management, just what you want to achieve.


We aim for a quick onboarding without sacrificing the process in a way that hinders quality solutions and results. Our aim is around three weeks for our onboarding process. While this can change depending on the scope of work, the number of locations or pages we’ll be working with, and the volume of responses, our goal is to get you to results quickly.

Choosing the Right Solution and Partner for Social Media Management

You still have a choice to make and are likely currently weighing the pros and cons of which vendor to choose, or even whether you should outsource your social media management. It’s a difficult decision to make, we know we’ll be able to do amazing things for your company. 

To help you make the decision here are a few resources about outsourcing social media:

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Your Community Management

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Social Media Management

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Reputation Management Company

Let’s Get Started

When you are ready to make your decision, we’ll be here! If you are ready to begin please contact us below. Already working directly with someone from our sales or operations teams? Let them know if you are ready to continue with a new partner for social media management.

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