How Shokz Improved Customer Sentiment by Outsourcing Social Media Moderation


Founded in 2011, leading bone conduction technology retailer Shokz has reached record growth – in 2019 alone, they saw 55% YoY sales growth. When they moved their headquarters to Austin, Texas in 2020, it was official – they needed a trustworthy agency partner to scale with them.  

A tough pandemic year shook things further. With a growing demand, Shokz struggled to address a growing amount of negative customer sentiment online, and a lagging customer response time. Their internal teams weren’t built for customer service and insights at scale.

They partnered with ICUC, and within just one year, the two teams saw major changes in Shokz customer sentiment.

Learn how ICUC’s full service social media and community management services set Shokz up for success at scale, in our latest case study. 


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