Successful pharmacy compliance on social media


Publicly-traded multi-national pharmaceutical company based in Europe

Our client is a publicly-traded multi-national pharmaceutical company based in Europe. Their operations are massive in scope—globally they have over 100,000 workers. And with over $50B in revenue per year, they are one of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. ICUC worked with three different functional teams. These were the social media managers, the risk management team and the local markets team.

Heavy regulations and diverse audience

Pharmaceutical companies need to be creative when communicating with their customers. They have different audiences with different needs. While social media should make messaging easier, its scope and scale make it a challenge to navigate. A jungle of regulations makes it even trickier.

Realities of the industry


% viewed increasing sales through social media as their number one priority


% of companies would take action if faced with a social media crisis


% of pharmaceutical companies manage over 1,000 pieces of UGC per month

Our custom solutions

Community Management

Our client activated ailment groups through ICUC’s community management services. Unbranded social media pages on Facebook helped them build rapport and start conversations. Once a community was established, our client could learn which messages were driving continued engagement. We worked directly with our client’s social media team to optimize their content.

Social Listening

Regulatory compliance is critical. The risk management team trusted ICUC to listen around the clock and meet regulatory guidelines. ICUC listened for adverse events shared on social media—across any channel, including those not owned by our client—and reported them to the FDA within 24 hours.

Custom dashboard reporting

Live social media dashboards gave our client an executive overview of social performance. They could see which campaigns were succeeding and could track the real time activity of online communities. ICUC also provided periodic reporting and analysis.

Campaign results

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