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Twitter Usernames Dropped From Character Limit

New changes are coming to Twitter, giving users more room for discussion within 140 characters. If you're an avid Twitter user, you are familiar with the frustrations of replying to [...]

Should Human Moderation Be Replaced by Bots?

For nearly two decades, brands have been using social media platforms to educate and interact with customers and prospects online. Eventually, this communication turned into “community building” and has become [...]

The Impact of Reviews on Your Brand

If a customer or client has a negative experience with your brand, what is the level of risk and the impact of reviews? Surprisingly - a lot.  We pulled together some [...]

Is Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Changing?

Exciting Twitter news, brands! We have the answer to the question - is Twitter's 140 character limit changing? The answer is "yes". The social network is expanding the 140 character tweet, giving brands [...]