We’ve (nearly) seen it all. From hurricanes to blizzards, communication around natural disasters is more connected than ever – but as conditions worsen, brands will need to watch their tone.

With #Blizzardof2015 trending around the United States this week, brands are wasting little time jumping on board with this trending topic. In fact, some brands have purchased promoted tweets around the hashtag.

“Certain brands might be able to contribute if they have a snow-related angle and are relevant to the conversation, but they should be exceedingly cautious when it comes to storms of this magnitude that could cause real devastation and even deaths,” said Andrew Cunningham, community lead at Huge. “Brands definitely don’t want to seem like they are capitalizing on potential tragedies.” Source

See below for #Blizzardof2015 brand tweets:





How far is too far?

Would your brand take advantage of real-time marketing around natural disasters?

Three questions to ask yourself before activating real-time marketing during natural disasters:

  1. Does this provide value?
  2. Is this message relevant to the conversation?
  3. Could this cause a potential brand crisis?