At our 500+ employees all work remotely, day in, day out hunched over a computer, staring at a screen, butts firmly planted in chairs. And while our employees may be out of sight, they are certainly not out of mind when it comes to health and well-being.

With that in mind we are excited to announce this month’s launch of’s revolutionary new remote health and wellness program, aimed at helping remote workers take care of their bodies, minds and souls on a daily basis through specific, ‘no equipment or experience required’ techniques, expertise, and community support.

Born out of a leadership speaker series on health, sleep and nutrition by AJ Zeglen, a strength and conditioning coach at Focus Fitness and with the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets. Zeglen brings to the team over 13 years of experience, and his unique brand of training techniques to help people attain their goals and realize our best versions of ourselves.

“Sitting in our annual leadership meetings listening to AJ speak about really simple things we can do everyday to make our lives better and healthier – it just resonated with me. I’m a big believer in taking care of your body. I hit the gym every morning at 6 am and it sets up my whole day for success. So it just makes sense – why not support our people to do the same?” said’s President & CEO, Keith Bilous.

The hardest part of making a lifestyle change is just starting. So is trying to make it easy, but also fun for the team. Complete with an internal site to house tips and techniques to help you live a healthier and better life. There are multiple categories, from sleep and nutrition to stress management and goal setting. There’s an exercise library, with specifically designed full body workout programs that are cut into 10, 20 or even 30 minute workouts depending on how much time you have in your day.

On top of it all, and especially being a remote company, believes that the only way to truly ensure health and well-being becoming a part of our teams daily routine is to support them through their journey. To this end we are offering daily challenges, articles, tips, monthly draws, and personal expert advice – just like having a personal trainer – on the ICUC Making Lives Healthier community on Google+ so our teams can connect, encourage one another, share their successes and support eachothers challenges.

“It’s about blending the work with the fun, and making sure our team feels a part of something larger than themselves. Working remotely can be isolating at times, and good or bad days aren’t always in our control – but we can manage them. Taking some time in your day for yourself can make a good day great, or a bad day better.” said Lindsay Goodine, Director, Culture & Development. employees have jumped on board with the new Making Lives Healthier program, with a 26.6% instant increase in community members on day one of launch and a 71% increase in average engagement during the first week, as compared to the previous year and a half.