In a ‘pay-to-play’ world, many brands are allocating marketing budget to Facebook Advertising in order to receive a lift in their overall audience.

With a variety of advertising options available, Facebook makes almost all of its nearly $8 billion in annual revenue through this complex system, which begs the question – how much are you paying for that Facebook fan?

Boston ad software firm Nanigans, whose mostly e-commerce clients spend some $500 million a year on Facebook, tracks the cost for them to advertise to different markets. “There are two or three orders of magnitude difference in cost,” says CEO Ric Calvillo. “You can either buy a million Malaysian users or a few thousand U.S. users.”Source

See below for a glimpse into the CPC for the five most and least expensive countries to target. “The reality is people also optimize for cost,” Calvillo says. “They don’t know what the value is they just want to get the lowest price users.” Next time you judge a site on the number of Facebook fans, check so see where they’re from—some American companies are suddenly very popular in El Salvador. Money can’t buy you love, but it can still buy you a like. Source

For more great Facebook statistics around ‘paying-to-play’, watch the video below courtesy of Fortune.