Meet Thierry Jomini, Revenue Operations Manager at ICUC

Emily Marquis

December 17, 2021

It’s safe to say that Thierry is not only an ICUC veteran, but an innovator, change-maker, and team player. His ability to see pain points in the customer journey as opportunities, rather than downfalls, is what led him to his role as Revenue Operations Manager. You could also say that his ability to look risk in the eye has led him to a few extracurriculars not everybody would take on (such as fixing up an old boat and sailing on his own in the Madre de Dios River in Bolivia!). If you know TJ, you know he will have your back no matter what. Take the time to get to know Thierry Jomini below, you won’t be disappointed!

What’s your role and what do you do every day?

I manage the reporting team and the Operational Excellence team. Basically, the reporting team takes all the data from our tracker tools, combines them for valuable outtakes, and writes them up in reports for our clients. We are currently building out the personal efficiency side – we want to make the work of the CS’s more meaningful. I worked as a CS for 7 years, and then swapped over to Operations, and started to see the serious pain points. For example, escalations were a pain point – so we created an Escalation Generator. And then contact cards were a barrier, so we created that. The goal of our Personal Efficiency is to lean into what humans are best at, and lean into what computers are best at, and get rid of the aspects that are overlapping unnecessarily.

I’ve been working for ICUC for almost 10 years now and the way we’ve functioned has really transformed over time. Now, I see ICUC as a human workforce powered by technology. We want to free up our humans so they can reach and help more clients, grow in their roles, and bring the company more business all at the same time.

How did you first learn about ICUC?

I was working at IBM at the time, but I was traveling a lot, and I heard from Livia Dehn (who was working at IBM), that her friend was at ICUC. So, I swapped over because I a) wanted to work remotely and b) when I joined in 2012, YouTube and Facebook were very, very exciting. Obviously today they are so well known, but back then as you can imagine, it was very fresh and exciting to be working in the social field. Today all three of us work here.

What do you like most about your job?

Today, what I like the most is to be able to implement changes and improvements based on pain points that I saw in those 7 years as a Content Specialist. I’m happy to be able to make processes smoother and give more value to the CS role – we’ve seen big improvements in the past few years, and there is still more to do down the line.

As a CS, I was tagging and labeling things all day long, but never knew what was done with it afterward. Now that I work for the reporting team, I tell CS’s the value that they are bringing; how we are taking those categories and sentiments and transforming them into valuable client data points (I.e., store updates, product reviews, overall company sentiment). It’s what I would have wanted to hear back then: knowing I am contributing to the bigger picture.

If you could give your younger self some career advice, what would it be?

Do your best. That’s something I think everyone should have in their mindset. If you are doing your best, the rest of it you can just accept – both the mistakes and the wins.

You mentioned you like to travel a lot. What was your favorite trip?

I love so many places, but I love South America. I came here to stay for 1 year, and 9 years later I am still here in Brazil. There are A LOT of issues, especially here in Brazil, but the bright side is incredible. Now, I don’t travel as much because I’m married with two kids, but in the beginning, when I was young, it really enabled me to have all of these changes in my life – traveling, getting my marketing degree, my firstborn, my daughter… my marriage. Today, I’m working at home and seeing my children grow – this has no price point for me.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I train in Mua Tai. I also just moved next to the Ocean, and I really want to learn how to sail — I want to start this year or 2022. And I read … a lot. I’m a nerd!

Three words to best describe you?

“Nerdy. Punctual. Happy.”

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I almost died when I was doing my road trip through South America! I tried to reach Bolivia from Peru on a small boat made of wood. I bought the boat for cheap, fixed it up, and tried to reach Bolivia. That day there was a ton of rain on the river I was on (called the Madre de Dios River), and the boat broke. I stayed stuck on a small island in the middle of the river. I was able to take pictures – it’s just my small broken boat on a HUGE river. I’m lucky because I was very close to the border, and right at the border there was a small group of Australians and they heard me whistle! I have no idea how much time I was there. They saved me!

I just hope that people will see everything that ICUC is doing to make our employees’ work and life better. We’re doing a lot, and I’m sure we can achieve it.