Our “Fleet”ing Thoughts

The arrival of ‘Fleets’ into the world of Twitter, has already sparked an array of conversation surrounding how brands and audiences alike can make the best use the new feature. The nature of the debate is certainly playing out right in front of our eyes, with several different in-platform norms already surfacing and evolving by … Read more

Social Media for Healthcare – The Bookmark-Worthy Guide

Warning: Who’s attending your social media moderation may drastically affect the financial health of your practice. Your communications department, public relations team, and marketing pros may be wonderful in their niche, but putting social media moderation in their wheelhouse is like asking a cook to repair a stove. It’s one thing to fire off some … Read more

Facebook, Data and Privacy – What You Need To Know

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s harvest and use of personal data has created questions, requests for clarity and discussions around the issue and time spent on Facebook. Throughout the marketing community, it has given us plenty to consider while we look at the year that is still ahead. As dust settles, it’s time to figure out … Read more

What You Need To Know About Facebook Algorithm in 2018

As we moved into 2018, Facebook made significant announcements around Facebook algorithm, engagement and authenticity. After reviewing hundreds of thousands of posts, Facebook shared two core changes that will impact brand pages globally: Posts that encourage “engagement bait”, such as “LIKE this if you love kombucha!” or “SHARE if you’re a Virgo!” will be demoted within … Read more

Why Companies Should Consider Selling On Amazon Marketplace

Over 3,000 new sellers join the Amazon Marketplace daily. That’s over a million new sellers in the last year alone.If you’re already selling in the Marketplace, how are you differentiating yourself from the competition? And if you’re not selling there yet, why aren’t you? It’s the largest online retailer in the world, with over $118 billion in sales in … Read more

Harnessing the Power of UGC to Drive Sales

US marketers are projected to spend $16.2 billion in social media advertising by 2019 (Forrester Research). Brands are spending time and resources curating content, sharing and interacting with potential customers on social media channels, and managing customer relationships.  The question remains, what is the ROI on Social Media marketing? Are we truly harnessing the power … Read more

Secrets of Generating Content for These Social Networks

From 140 characters to filtered images, the world’s largest social networks vary in growth and approach. Just like decisions made for your business, not every tweet and post should be the same. Your customers and fans are searching for engagement and variation of content – and we’re here to help ensure you do just that. … Read more

7 Things Not to Say During a Social Media Crisis

Most organizations will encounter an incident on social media. These small mistakes or learning opportunities don’t have to end in a full blown crisis. If they occur, however, social media crises can be managed. Your followers are looking for a few key things during the tense and stress-filled event. Your brand’s reactions are being closely … Read more