Remarketing vs Retargeting: Key Differences that Matter to Marketers

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To target, or to remarket? While the textbook definitions of “remarketing” and “retargeting” are the same, the two terms’ practical application to your marketing strategy will result in entirely different tactics. Savvy digital marketers need to be familiar with both strategies and understand the critical differences between them. This will allow you to make an informed … Read more

Our “Fleet”ing Thoughts

The arrival of ‘Fleets’ into the world of Twitter, has already sparked an array of conversation surrounding how brands and audiences alike can make the best use the new feature. The nature of the debate is certainly playing out right in front of our eyes, with several different in-platform norms already surfacing and evolving by … Read more

Considerations for Parler

Parler: What is it and why brands shouldn’t be quick to dismiss it? It’s no secret the drama surrounding the US election this past week has been playing out across social media worldwide. While most have taken to Twitter and Facebook for their political conversation, a new platform has emerged that’s raising a lot of … Read more

20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

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If you’re hesitating to increase your business’s budget for social marketing, we understand your concerns. Social media can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright confusing. As a business owner, you don’t have time to learn the latest TikTok trends – how does that impact your bottom line? If your ideal customer is an older audience, social … Read more

How To Conduct A Social Media Audit In 6 Easy Steps

Social Media Audit

With a quarter of the planet’s population using social media regularly, having a social media marketing strategy is no longer optional. But just being online isn’t good enough when you have the world at your fingertips. Are you using social media platforms to their best potential?   Not sure? Maybe it’s time to conduct a … Read more

How to Plan Social Media Coverage When Your Team is on Vacation

As summer heats up, vacation time is a hot idea, but how do you take time off when social media never sleeps? Scour the interwebs and you’ll find all kinds of solutions offered in helpful blog posts, but as well-intentioned as these are, they’re often a best-case scenario. The bad news is, there are all … Read more

Social Media Monitoring vs Moderation: What’s the Difference?

Social Media Monitoring vs Moderation

They sound alike, but social media monitoring and social media moderation achieve different results. Both are critical in managing online communities. While their names imply a laser focus on social networks, the entire web should be included. Do you understand the potential behind content moderation and looking for mentions? Social Media Monitoring vs Moderation Social … Read more

Social Customer Service – Why It Matters More Than Ever

Here we are already, the second quarter of 2019. How’d that happen? Time flies, like they say. Among my March whirl of experiences was being on the always-brilliant Jay Baer’s “Social Pros” podcast. You can listen to that here, but Jay also has a transcript available – of course! But, for the tl;dr version of … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service with Chatbots

The old adage “time is money” goes two ways. In our hectic world, today’s consumers feel their time is invaluable. They’re looking for companies who respect that and make life easier for them. Helping that happen are chatbots, fast becoming a huge player in how companies meet consumer demands for quicker, simpler customer service. Those … Read more

Social Media for Healthcare – The Bookmark-Worthy Guide

Warning: Who’s attending your social media moderation may drastically affect the financial health of your practice. Your communications department, public relations team, and marketing pros may be wonderful in their niche, but putting social media moderation in their wheelhouse is like asking a cook to repair a stove. It’s one thing to fire off some … Read more