Getting Started With ICUC Social – What To Expect

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Working with a new vendor is an exciting time, especially when bringing on a social media management partner. You are starting to work with someone new to improve results and generate ROI. However, a bumpy onboarding can get in the way of a successful partnership and the results you need.  We are very excited about … Read more

The Power Of Responding To Online Reviews

Online Review Management

As I write this, May’s big holiday weekend looms. With it, tourist season kicks off and masses of visitors will descend on my city, Vancouver, along with all the other vacation hubs. It’s the start of hospitality’s high season, and our teams at ICUC will sprint into action – relieving client teams for holidays of … Read more

Major Changes to Facebook Business Reviews

For brands, the trouble is that Facebook holds all the cards. The social network chooses the game and we play by their rules. The latest instance of this comes with unannounced change that affects all businesses – their switching from a peer five-star rating system to one fueled by a simple “yes” or “no” recommendation … Read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Reputation Management Company

When hiring a reputation management company, don’t you think they should have a great reputation themselves? We think so. That’s why ICUC works hard to nurture our relationships while adhering to best practices. But we understand. It’s tricky hiring for such an important service, so we want to help you understand what to look for … Read more

Your brand has negative Yelp reviews? Here’s what to do.

In a perfect world, you’d run your business and all your customers would love you for it. Unfortunately, we live in reality-world, where such bliss isn’t a thing, and customers frequently lob Yelp reviews with complaints. There are typically three ways businesses respond to negative Yelp reviews. One, they just don’t respond. Two, they lose … Read more

Finding Local Business Reviews on Facebook is Here

Facebook has been quietly testing a brand new feature for the last two months – and it’s already impacting your business. At the easy-to-access URL, the network has pulled together a searchable directory of service providers and brick and mortar locations, like restaurants, retail, contractors, painters, offices and more. This move is similar to Google … Read more