Our “Fleet”ing Thoughts

The arrival of ‘Fleets’ into the world of Twitter, has already sparked an array of conversation surrounding how brands and audiences alike can make the best use the new feature. The nature of the debate is certainly playing out right in front of our eyes, with several different in-platform norms already surfacing and evolving by … Read more

20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

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If you’re hesitating to increase your business’s budget for social marketing, we understand your concerns. Social media can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright confusing. As a business owner, you don’t have time to learn the latest TikTok trends – how does that impact your bottom line? If your ideal customer is an older audience, social … Read more

Brands and Brand Leaders Concerned About Recent Social Media Hacks

You may have read in the news recently that the NFL advised teams lock down many of their social media accounts temporarily after a potential cyber security breach. Fortunately, the risk appeared to be thwarted though many businesses are on high alert as hackers are continuously making attempts to break into social channels It goes … Read more

4 Ways To Start Engaging Your Community

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Online community management is becoming a new hub for sales and customer service interactions. Everyone is turning to online communities for answers, questions, and more. They want to reach you on social media, and others who use and enjoy your products. It’s vital that you are active in your online community, no matter how big … Read more

Getting Started With ICUC Social – What To Expect

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Working with a new vendor is an exciting time, especially when bringing on a social media management partner. You are starting to work with someone new to improve results and generate ROI. However, a bumpy onboarding can get in the way of a successful partnership and the results you need.  We are very excited about … Read more

How To Conduct A Social Media Audit In 6 Easy Steps

Social Media Audit

With a quarter of the planet’s population using social media regularly, having a social media marketing strategy is no longer optional. But just being online isn’t good enough when you have the world at your fingertips. Are you using social media platforms to their best potential?   Not sure? Maybe it’s time to conduct a … Read more

Insourcing VS Outsourcing Social Media and Community Management

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If your brand’s community and social media management happens from 9 to 5 in a 24/7 world, it’s time to rethink your priorities. That’s like fire departments only putting out fires during daylight business hours. Ludicrous, right? Fire isn’t on the clock, and consumer opinion isn’t either. It’s difficult to staff a team for 24/7 … Read more