Facebook F8 2019 Takeaways

Last month Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a blog laying out a more privacy focused pivot for Facebook. Tuesday at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, the guy who has spent the majority of his life convincing us to share our thoughts publicly with the world, explained how the social media giant is now going to … Read more

Helping Customers Where (and When) They Want

In his 26 years of digital strategy, Hall of Fame speaker Jay Baer has helped Fortune 500 brands shift into a web-driven world. That’s why we asked him to deliver our service strategy webinine. If you haven’t watched our nine-minute video, we recommend it, whether you’re already using ICUC’s services or not. The webinine introduces … Read more

Social Media Management Platforms: An ICUC Perspective

Even the casual social media user finds it challenging staying on top of more than one platform, but it’s a challenge that businesses must overcome to find social success. Fortunately, several social media management tools help companies share effectively while monitoring engagement and reach. When choosing the right social media management system for a company, … Read more

The Social Media Roadmap for Brands

A six-part white paper on what brands and large corporations need to do to in an omni-channel media economy, with social media at the core of marcom. How do fortune 500 brands shift to meet the demands of a connected and social media savvy consumer? Regardless of the audience, in today’s economy, every brand must … Read more

HOW TO: Avoid pissing off influencers in 4 steps

There is no greater affirmation of influencer power than the shocking $1.3 billion devaluation suffered by Snapchat after a single tweet last week. Kylie Jenner, a top influencer on Snapchat, tweeted “”Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.” Despite the tweet landing after trading … Read more