Meet Tyler Hower, Social Media Strategist

World, meet Tyler Hower, one of ICUC’s Social Media Strategists empowering brand voices around the globe. Out of only 50 slots in the entire Dentsu network, ICUC’s parent company, Tyler is a recent nominee to the Hispanic and Latino Management Accelerator Program, a 6-month training to the potential in new leaders within the marketing universe. … Read more

ICUC Employee Spotlight: Charissa Tosio, Social Strategist

Meet Charissa Tosio For ICUC’s Social Strategist Charissa Tosio, creating a workspace that is warm, collaborative, and patient is her #1 priority. In fact, embodying these qualities is how she defines success, and it’s what drew her to ICUC’s team. When she’s not supporting top-tier clients with strategic insights or connecting with teammates, you can … Read more

ICUC Leader Spotlight: Nicole van Zanten, Co-President & Chief Growth Officer at ICUC

Meet Nicole van Zanten ICUC’s Co-President and Chief Growth Officer, Nicole Van Zanten knows how to meet a goal. Whether she’s innovating revenue machines or developing client acquisition strategies, we know where she’s looking: ahead. When Nicole isn’t taking new client phone calls or running town hall meetings, you may see her strolling with her … Read more

ICUC Employee Spotlight: Ricardo Simões, Senior Content Specialist at ICUC

Meet Ricardo Simões We had the pleasure of chatting with gamer, remote worker, shy-but-not-so-shy Senior Content Specialist Ricardo. As it turns out, there is a viral trend running through ICUC: our employees love being around each other, even if it’s all virtual, and Ricardo’s opinion is no different. Ricardo’s only complaint about his job is … Read more