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Brands Wearing Their Pride

Pride Week poses an opportunity for people worldwide to show support for LGBT rights. It also gives brands the opportunity to show their own support for the movement, with branded Pride related hashtags and by sponsoring Pride events. Here are our Top 5 brands who wore their Pride well:

1) #LuckyToBe, Lucky Charms (General Mills)

Naturally, the rainbow cereal is in full support of LGBT rights and diversity in general. Their #LuckyToBe hashtag campaign embraces the fact that we're all different and that we’re free to love whoever we so choose.

2) #LikeForLove, Heineken

Beer ads aren’t known for their tolerance and diversity. However, Heineken’s #LikeForLove Instagram campaign allowed users to transform their Instagram feed into a rainbow themed showcase of different LGBT couples.

3) #ProudToPlay, Youtube (Google)

This campaign featured the most star power, involving both LGBT celebrities (Tyler Oakley) and celebrity LGBT supporters (Kobe Bryant), and encouraged people to be proud of who they are. #ProudToPlay coincides with the World Cup, and comes fortuitously at a time where the world of sport is becoming increasingly tolerant and open to LGBT athletes.

4) #BeYouWithUs, Marriott

Marriott encourages their customers to be themselves when they stay at their hotels, with the #BeYouWithUs hashtag campaign. They recently tweeted "At Marriott, there's no room for inequality" with the #LoveTravels hashtag, another LGBT friendly hashtag, just in time for the Pride Parade in NYC. Marriot’s support for LGBT has garnered much positive response, with people thanking Marriott for being so supportive and encouraging others to stay at Marriott hotels in the future.

5) #FamiliesProject, Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker reminds everyone that where there is love there is home, regardless of gender and orientation with the #FamiliesProject campaign. The company website encourages all families to participate in sharing what makes their home and family special.

These brands, and many more, are marrying social good with their business goals in a positive and progressive way. In encouraging their communities to embrace love and tolerance, they’re also promoting a great brand experience and becoming synonymous with LGBT support in such a way that everybody wins: customers, the LGBT community and the brands themselves.


By Zach Miller

Zach is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has two years experience working in advertising and ad tech. He enjoys good vibes and single malt scotch.

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