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global moderation

we manage 18 international communities for the world's largest coffeehouse


brand protection for the world's favourite cookie

moderating 30,000 comments every month on the OREO Facebook page


inspire and fulfill curiosity

strategy, content and community management across 23 markets

Thomas Cook

award winning social customer service

front line social customer service for families caught up in holiday mishaps


social insight & analysis

world-wide social listening, reporting and consultancy

for the global client leadership team

Google & Manchester United

facilitating a global first between 2 super brands

we put overseas fans into the heart of the live experience

at the theatre of dreams


moderation at the highest level

10 years in partnership with the largest broadcaster on earth,

creating a world-class user experience

Our team of beauty experts provide social customer service, moderation, social campaigns and content for L’Oréal consumer brands.
Sony consolidated 20+ agencies into in 2013. Since then we have provided an end-to-end social media solution in 23 markets.
Moderation partner since 2005, working on many innovations in popular broadcasting such as Big Brother and Embarrassing Bodies.
10 years as the BBC’s moderation partner. In that time we have developed a world-class solution that has set the benchmark for the industry.
The travel market generates the most passionate customers of any sector. We provide social customer service for the UK’s largest tour operator.
We have provided moderation to ACCA since 2011, and in 2014 our relationship expanded to include strategy, content and engagement services.
We help Chevron’s in-house team keep up with social volume across multiple channels and ensures that inappropriate content is removed in a timely manner.
We support Starbucks with Facebook moderation on 18 international pages, with 16 pages in non-English languages.
We help protect freedom of expression while ensuring that tangents, rants, and trolls don’t derail or ruin a thread for others on the CBC website.
We provide 360i clients with content specialists who manage and monitor social channel content moderation and engagement 24/7.
Child protection has been a major motivation of our moderation service since 2002. We are proud to moderate for the NSPCC and advise the UK government on Internet safety.
Activision have been a client since 2009 and with the COD franchise we have managed some of the biggest consumer product launches of all time.
The social cookie that everyone likes to talk about. We moderate over 30,000 comments every month for OREO on their Facebook Page.
Since 2012, we have provided ADP with brand reputation and content moderation services for their social channels.
We help TripAdvisor’s in-house team with language translation services in over 30 languages for user-submitted reviews.
We support Keurig’s customer service team, responding within 20 minutes or less to consumer complaints and queries on social media.
Our multi-lingual team of content specialists moderates and monitors millions of comments, photographs and videos.
We provide around-the-clock social media coverage and brand protection for target, during the busy holiday season.
For Winners we manage and moderate contests and user generated content submitted through a variety of Facebook pages.
Our multi-lingual team assists with international photo and contest moderation on multiple social channels for Kraft Hockeyville.
6 years as the community management AOR for xbox, providing moderation and sentiment reporting in 12 markets
amazon fashion
For Amazon we provide community management services in 4 languages on Facebook, Instagram and youtube.