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ICUC extends your agency’s capacity

24/7/365 moderation and management

Gets results for your clients’ brands

ICUC frees agencies from social media busywork

Whether you have 10 clients or 10,000, an agency’s time is better spent on campaigns and creative that make a client swoon. Focus on what matters and let ICUC handle the rest. Take back your time and do great work.

  • Promise around-the-clock protection to your clients, 24/7/365
  • Extend your social media capabilities without hiring new staff
  • Access a platform that manages and monetizes social media data
  • Create detailed reports and make data-driven decisions on campaigns
  • Free up resources so you can focus on being creative

Imagine taking on more clients without having to hire more staff. ICUC offers social media management solutions for agencies that want to avoid social media busywork. We combine sophisticated technology with a global network of social media experts to dramatically expand your team’s abilities. After freeing yourself from social media’s constant demands, you can begin to take on more clients and do more creative work with your current ones.

Let Us Help You Extend Your Social Media Capabilities

The challenges agencies face on social media

Social media never sleeps. And neither do we. Our social media coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We diligently protect reputation, nurture growing communities, and manage social conversations for every single one of your clients—even while you sleep.
The sheer volume of content created daily can be overwhelming. When a campaign generates a huge response, your agency can be caught unprepared. You may scramble to hire more help, and find yourself with too much overhead once the campaign is complete. Content spikes are inevitable. Trust ICUC’s global team of experts to scale according to your needs—with zero reduction in quality standards.
ICUC is a social platform that monitors, moderates, manages, and monetizes social media data. Using a human-centred approach—studying a brand and its past social efforts—we extend your client’s voice seamlessly. We can also provide you with social guidelines and support scripts. We know that technology isn’t enough. ICUC combines listening technology with the power of human expertise.
It’s no secret that as an agency, some clients take priority over others. That doesn’t mean that each client isn’t important to your firm. ICUC scales your team to ensure every client’s social platforms are moderated, managed, and protected as diligently as the next. With ICUC, there’s no need to choose. Offer each of them the same high standard of social care as the next.
At the end of the day, you might not even have the bandwidth to offer your clients social media campaigns at all. What a missed opportunity! By using ICUC as an extension of your team, you can offer your clients social media management without needing to hire more staff, or but more strain on your existing team. This frees you up to do the creative and innovative work your agency is best at.

Solutions for every stage of the buyer’s journey

Community Management

Channel Management

Social channel engagement & moderation

ICUC seamlessly extends your voice on social media to build up your fan base and keep them engaged.
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Social Content Strategy

Plans that drive results

Social Media Content Planning & Execution

ICUC helps you easily create content so you can reach a wider audience with practically no effort.
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Social Customer Care

Connect ROI & Social Media

Connect ROI & Social Media

ICUC helps you deliver rapid, consistent, and authentic customer service at scale.
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Social Media Listening

Monitoring Social Channels

Monitoring Social Channels

ICUC lets you listen around-the-clock to every conversation your customers are having online.
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Social Commerce

Connect ROI & Social Media

Connect ROI & Social Media

ICUC lets you showcase user generated content (UGC) to increase conversions and get more customers.
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Social Content Engine

Content Production

Producing Content for your channels

ICUC helps you curate and create beautiful user generated content for your channels.

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Customer Insights

Learn from social data

Get results from all that social data

ICUC lets you uncover what’s useful from a mass of social media data.

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Review Management

Manage Reviews

Locations & Product Reviews

ICUC helps you manage your reputation and attract more customers.
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For agencies seeking a single solution for their clients’ social media needs, ICUC can help you do even more for your clients. Contact us today.