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from social to in-store

Inspire your customers to make the journey

We Understand the Retail Industry

Let’s talk about your social media goals

Your CMO expects answers. How did we do last month? What is our competition up to? Is our content connecting with customers? But in your under-staffed and under-funded department, it might feel you’re expected to deliver miracles. Increase engagement, produce innovative campaigns, grow the influencer base, and throw in higher sales too. You want to deliver on all these expectations, but where do you start?

Whenever we work with retail marketers, ICUC always starts with the customer. Our integrated social media solutions are designed to map and measure the entire social customer journey. This is an approach that goes beyond “fans and followers.” It means listening and monitoring all social activity related to your brand in order to drive customers to the sale.

We provide a high-level view of trends, consumer sentiment, competition analysis, and offer tactical advice on next steps. We can turn user generated content into shoppable galleries and storefronts and help you identify influencers to target and re-target. And we can quantify these efforts so your management always knows how well you’re doing.

We know retail marketing must do more than inform their customer. They must inspire them to make the journey from social to in-store. ICUC is there to help you find ROI every step of the way.

Retail Industry pains

ICUC empowers retailers with an integrated system of solutions designed to drive sales. You can leverage user generated content into ads and social content. Or use Social Commerce to create shoppable galleries of UGC that leads to your website or online store. Both ways, you’ll finally see the link between content and commerce.

ICUC is always listening to the conversations that are happening about you and your business. We produce detailed monthly reports that show you what your competition is doing, identify any opportunities for your brand, and provide actionable recommendations on how you should react.

ICUC is able to marry consumer survey data with social media data to drive insights about about your brand’s existing audience, and steer your content plan accordingly. ICUC’s team of experts knows how to connect with influencers in your industry and we work alongside them to amplify your reach.

Retail marketing teams need to do a lot with a little, which means there isn’t a lot of time to plan ahead or test out new concepts. That’s why ICUC helps extend your team, by being your online eyes and ears. We listen around-the-clock to deliver the insights and data you need to develop more innovative campaigns.

If sales is important to your organization, then you need an integrated solution that can link marketing efforts to revenue. ICUC’s approach is to connect audiences early in the social customer journey so we have the most success in driving sales. We listen every step of the way to help you stand out from the competition.

Select Retail Clients

Benefits to your team

  • ICUC’s team works 24/7/365 in order to listen to all the conversations happening about your brand across every channel

  • Know what promotions and content truly resonate with your audience

  • Leverage valuable user generated content, target influencers, and increase your reach

  • Track your customers through the entire social customer journey with an integrated solution

  • Provide clarity to management when you learn the actual ROI of your social media programs

Our Retail Solution

Unlike an agency, ICUC works as a trusted partner with our retail clients—in effect, we become an extension of your brand. Our team of social media experts are in the trenches with you, learning everything we can to understand your brand, your voice, and your company objectives. Our tools exist to provide you with clear insights about your customers and your social media efforts, so you can make the best possible decisions.

With a focus on customers and revenue, ICUC helps retail brands fine-tune their social strategy. By leveraging our capabilities in social listening, community management, and user generated content, we can isolate which programs are costing you money—and which are bringing customers into your stores, and driving sales.

Solutions for all stages of the Customer Journey

Community Management

Channel Management

Social channel engagement & moderation

We manage social communities & user generated content for the world’s best brands offering social media management at global scale.

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Social Content Strategy

Plans that drive results

Social Media Content Planning & Execution

Our expert teams can develop results-driven content plans and then help you execute those plans. We strategize, build, publish and measure.

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Social Customer Care

Make problems go away

Award Winning Service

Our award winning team of customer service specialists are dedicated to providing thoughtful, human contact that defuses frustration and leaves your customers feeling happy.

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Social Media Listening

Monitoring Social Channels

Monitoring Social Channels

Experiment, listen, develop, repeat. Our award winning team of social media analysts drive innovation through insight and make everything we do accountable and relevant.

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Social Commerce

Connect ROI & Social Media

Connect ROI & Social Media

Want to directly connect social media with revenue? We have solutions that bind the two together.

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Social Content Engine

Content Production

Producing Content for your channels

We create beautiful content and we help curate great user generated content for your channels too.

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Customer Insights

Learn from social data

Get results from all that social data

We help you transform social media data into usable information about your audiences and opportunities.

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Review Management

Manage Reviews

Locations & Product Reviews

Minimize threats & maximize ROI opportunities from user reviews of your locations & products.

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