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Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand

Showcase credible, engaging UGC on landing pages

Drive traffic down the path of conversion

Social Commerce: Sales via Social Media

As an e-commerce brand, you care about conversions. You care about traffic to your website, and social interaction, yes, but ultimately, it’s about the sale. Isn’t it?

All your efforts across social platforms are designed to bring customers closer to that revenue-generating event. But, you struggle to marry metrics on engagement with ROI.

From Instagram posts to customer-generated video, user-generated content (UGC) is abundant. In fact, each day there are:

+ hours of content uploaded to Youtube
Instagram likes
Facebook messages
Facebook likes
Tweets shared


That is a massive amount of content being produced. The question is, are you leveraging UGC to connect your social efforts with your e-commerce strategy? If not, you are missing out on the opportunity to showcase credible, engaging content that will drive traffic down the path to conversion.

In short, the implementation of a socially integrated sales and marketing strategy connects UGC with ROI.

Show me how to harness the power of UGC

ICUC turns that dream into a reality, in four simple steps.

Step 1
Connect with customers and brand ambassadors

By building content — or strategically broadcasting your own content — ICUC connects with your target audience in a relevant way. Over time, loyal customers will become brand ambassadors — the most active members when it comes to creating UGC for you.

Step 2
Showcase credible, engaging UGC on landing pages

ICUC will develop landing pages that display UGC in shoppable galleries. 32% of consumers are more likely to shop on sites that display activities of previous shoppers. Already, your conversions are going up.

In addition, consumers can choose to either shop the content, or share it to their own social pages. This further leverages these galleries to build larger social communities, find more brand ambassadors, and feed the social commerce machine.

Step 3
Drive traffic down the path of conversion

By creating a path to purchase, shoppable galleries of UGC put customers on the quickest path to conversion.

Step 4
Gain insight into customer activity, track conversions, and find ROI

ICUC creates a direct connection between your social media efforts and ROI, making it easier to assign revenue generated to social.

ICUC Knows Ecommerce

Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand. At ICUC, we work hard to help you tie your social efforts to real world numbers.

We are your scalable eyes and ears, partnering with brands from the smallest of startups, to some of the largest players on the globe — including Disney, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Google. With over 15 years of experience in social media management and strategy, we are a team filled with individuals who have a passion for social — who have made it their lifelong careers to master the art and science of it.

We act as an extension of your social media marketing team, providing vigilant protection on every social channel, 24/7/365. Even when you’re sleeping. Even when you’re catching that 5 am gym session. All day, every day, no exceptions.

Social Commerce Pains + How to Address Them

Pain 1

You don’t have enough capacity to create consistent, engaging content on social channels

ICUC can create, schedule, and deploy engaging, shareable content across social media platforms. With over 15 years building content strategies that work, we know that relevant content is required to gain attention, ultimately moving customers towards a revenue generating event.

With over 600 employees worldwide, ICUC is able to leverage the knowledge and passion of our team to deliver content that speaks to your target audience. Regardless of industry or topic, we can audit your current social state to identify areas of opportunity. Then our team creates a strategy, builds written, audio, and visual content with your help and approval, and deploys that content for maximum impact.

That content is then tracked and utilized to better understand how your specific audience responds. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. ICUC operates knowing that results matter, and content needs to do more than turn heads. It needs to build loyalty, promote engagement, and ultimately, generate revenue.

Pain 2

Your social media community is not creating enough UGC

Once you’ve discovered the power of leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to convert customers, the question becomes, “Where can I get quality UGC to use?”

Depending on the size of your brand, and the current level of your audience’s social engagement, you may need to foster your community to create more content for you.

ICUC connects you with brand ambassadors and influencers precisely matched to your business goals and target audience using our proprietary Social Customer Audience Navigator. Those individuals are adept at creating content for their audiences, featuring other brand’s products and services. By developing close relationships with them, your brand can expect a steady stream of content to use.

A secondary benefit of working with strong social advocates is that they command the attention of your target market. Connecting with these tastemakers gives your brand credibility, and rapidly accelerates your community’s purchase cycle in it’s own right.

Pain 3

You are having trouble connecting content to ROI

It’s one thing to have solid social listening, strategy, and management. It’s another to be able to clearly define the ROI of those efforts. And, at the end of the day, you need real world numbers to justify continued investment in those areas.

By using UGC to create shoppable galleries, among other tactics, ICUC is able to follow your customers from the start of their social journey through to conversion, creating a revenue-focused map from start to finish.

Our social commerce solutions allow you to measure brand sentiment, build influence in your target audience, tie social to lead generation, and drive traffic to stakeholders. Ultimately these efforts lead to metrics that support the ROI of social integration.

Pain 4

It’s difficult to track customers’ activity from one platform to another

ICUC makes sense of the mess of data that social media spits out. The conversations happening across platforms are like a loud and raucous party — one where your brand is mentioned over and over without you ever knowing.

We can help you sort relevant content, identify true sentiment, and provide intelligent observation and intuition through custom reports tailored to your needs. These reports track customers from one social platform to another, all the way through to conversion on your site. ICUC ultimately delivers social media insights that provide a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

ICUC Solutions to Social Commerce

Content Curation and Categorization

ICUC sorts through the masses of UGC available to your brand to curate galleries filled with pre-vetted content from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This ensures that content remains on brand, and your customer’s journey is consistent.

We can sort galleries by hashtags — for contests and promotions, by product or category — for specific landing pages, by location, or by any number of parameters as defined by you. Whatever the case, the experts at ICUC will hand-select content specifically your objectives.

Shoppable Galleries/Landing Pages

ICUC will create beautifully designed landing pages filled with shoppable galleries of UGC. Multiple touch points tying the customer’s website experience to their social experience encourages a higher rate of conversion. In fact, 71% of consumers are likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.

In these shoppable galleries, customers can engage with the post, get more info, view the original post, follow influencers or advocates, report innappropriate content, or purchase.

Don’t hide your social buttons in the footer of your web page any longer! Bring them front and centre for a truly customer-centric experience.

Social Hub: Asset Content Library

Building in the ability to manage all your UGC in one central location, ICUC’s Social Hub pulls in photos, videos, and copy into an easy-to-use, searchable dashboard.

The content is automatically tagged with a geo location, and you decide how to define each piece of content. There are options to “Share”, “Discover”, or “Learn More”, and each post will have rights permission approval by the original poster before going live. You can republish at will across multiple channels.

Organize the Hub however you see fit!

Social Sharing Moderation

With increased social sharing comes increased opportunity for crises. ICUC’s international team provides true 24/7/365 social listening and moderation, caring for your brand’s reputation even when you sleep.


ICUC will provide reports on what pieces of content are most successful, what your competition is up to, and what trends are emerging across platforms. More than that, using social commerce we can connect the dots and find out the ROI of your social efforts.

These reports will help you justify new marketing initiatives, provide quantifiable evidence in relation to social media, and identify new and exciting opportunities for growth.


Cost effective content

By utilizing UGC you get gorgeous, influential content at a fraction of the cost of photography or stock images.

Better landing pages

By using UGC on your landing pages you create a better customer experience. As they engage with imagery, video, and copy gathered and curated from across social platforms, your brand gains credibility and influence.

Increased conversion rate

By using organically created UGC, you increase the engagement of customers on your web page. This results in increased conversions that are trackable, reportable, and scalable.

Monetize UGC

Don’t miss the opportunity to take the content at your fingertips and create stunning shoppable galleries with click-through to product pages. This creates the quickest path from discovery to purchase that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

Genuine connection

Connect with customers on a personal level, reach new audiences, and cultivate brand ambassadors.


Utilize real-time data to find insights into customer activity, brand sentiment, and ROI.


How do I stop unwanted content from showing up in my shoppable galleries?

Through ICUC’s Social Hub, you can select which content you wish to show up on your landing pages. Alternatively, ICUC can handle sorting through all of the UGC to curate a gallery that suits your specific needs and objectives.

Will this discourage customers from posting on social?

No. In fact, brands that encourage user-generated feedback and content increase engagement. When customers post, tagging a brand, they are seeking interaction from that brand. Generally speaking, being featured (with proper permissions) by that brand is a desirable experience.

Build social commerce into the fabric of your brand, and watch your sales skyrocket. Along with proper curation and moderation, this strategy has helped brands to discover real ROI, growing and fostering their communities through to conversion.

Contact ICUC today to discover how your brand can harness the power of UGC.

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