Brands want real results on their Social Media channels.

Community Management Excellence

We hear the concerns below from Brands all the time:

I’m creating lots of posts, but not getting the engagement I need”

My team needs community management support!”

These channels are getting too busy, we can’t keep up!

You need help keeping up and achieving your social goals.  We have the experience consulting with teams like yours to create the right plan and management workflows. Developing and managing content that engages and builds your social community is our forté.  We work with you to develop better relationships with your followers, increase engagement online and – most importantly – deliver results.

Community Management for Brands. Social Media Success: Consulting, Marketing and Social Brand Management

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Partnering with ICUC

Partnering with ICUC means you are working with the world’s largest social media management services company – period.  Once we’re in place you can finally relax.

Our global community managers work with and consult to 50% of Fortune 500 businesses and truly understand social media engagement. As you focus on digital strategy, let us engage with your online community 24/7, interacting and protecting your brand online.

Over 70% of our new business comes from referrals. Our clients love us.

How do we typically start working with brands?

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Typically, we begin working with brands on a campaign basis, or by providing community management support during off-hours – evenings, weekends and any other times you might have trouble staffing people.

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Once we have established levels of trust and understanding, and have demonstrated our positive impacts on your community, we further provide value to your brand’s social voice online.

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We can provision a 24/7 365 offering, creating content, engaging with fans and followers all the while protecting your brand online.

Need proof? You’ll be in great company.

Let’s talk about your needs